340B Solutions

MedImpact, through our wholly owned subsidiary, SUNRx, has the ability to manage and administer 340B programs to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and expand access for both safety net providers and America’s indigent and uninsured populations.

Fully Integrated Offering Through SUNRx, MedImpact offers a fully comprehensive 340B program. Our expertise in pharmacy network development, management and quality assurance can significantly improve your clients’ experience at the point of dispensing. Our team of experts also ensure compliance with the most up-to-date federal guidelines and statutes governing the program.

Enhancing the Patient Experience We can close the gaps in coverage and care for the growing number of individuals who pay full retail price for prescriptions not covered by their funded benefit. SUNRx also extends your clients’ reach by providing a cash pay program for the most vulnerable populations, consistent with regulatory intent. Your clients will also have access to all transaction data, enabling better utilization management and increased cost savings.

True-up Model As part of its processor-centric model, SUNRx has established a complete financial reconciliation process, including all invoicing and claims reconciliation. Using the claims data either through the switch or through MedImpact at the point of sale, MedImpact handles all billing and financial reconciliation on behalf of the facility. SUNRx provides clients with quarterly trend, distribution and utilization reports.

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