Self-funded/Employer Group Solutions

MedImpact's strategies work to maximize your clients’ savings by directing utilization to the most appropriate and cost-effective setting.  Since MedImpact does not own fulfillment, our interest lies in providing convenience for your clients’ members and low net cost to the organization. Our solutions focus on proactive engagement and consultation with your clients in order to deliver service excellence across the entire continuum of healthcare benefits.

Member Engagement and Satisfaction
MedImpact offers each client an online member portal with patient-specific data, including cost sharing amounts, formulary list and a pharmacy locator. This real-time data may be supplemented by an online patient care management system, which interfaces with healthcare providers, case managers and personal health coaches. We conduct mutli-channel, member-centric outreach in order to improve adherence, compliance and education with the ultimate goal of improving behavior at the point of care.

Flexible Benefit Designs
Our flexible approach to drug benefit plan design ensures your clients incent physicians, pharmacists and employees and dependents to use the lowest net cost drug. Our clinical analytics team will model your clients’ current utilization data to recommend the best formularies, benefit edits and cost-sharing structures in order to minimize member disruption and align their clinical and economic objectives.

Supporting In-house Fulfillment
MedImpact’s unique business model  optimizes self-funded dispensing channels, We realize no two employers are identical, but many have similar challenges in managing the complexities of their drug benefits. We have the capability to enhance either the utilization of in-house fulfillment or a custom, preferred pharmacy network. Our goal is to keep as many dollars in your clients’ hands as possible.

Management Reporting and Decision Making
We offer a comprehensive approach to management reporting and decision-making support. Our tools include: 

  • Self-service management reporting (MedOptimize®)
  • Prior authorization utilization value reports
  • Quarterly comprehensive graphical reporting (MedFocus®)
  • Accounting and financial reporting delivered by a web-based system (MedImpact Online Reporting)